Check our some of our lifting equipment and cranes, all available for hire long or short term.

Furniture hoists


Bocker furniture hoist mounted on a Nissan cabstar chassis offering a 34m reach.

  • Capacity 400kg @ 4 meter radius
  • Total width 2.2m
  • Max working radius 24 meters
  • Max boom length 34 meters
  • Radio remote control as standard
  • Weight 3.5 tons
  • Number on fleet: 3


Paus furniture hoist mounted on a Nissan cabstar chassis with a 27m reach

  • Capacity 400kg @ 4 meter radius
  • Total width 2.2m
  • Max working radius 24 meters
  • Max boom length 34 meters
  • Radio remote control as standard
  • Weight 3.5 tons
  • Number on fleet: 1

Bocker hand carry furniture hoist 18m reach

  • Capacity 250kg @ 4 meter radius
  • Total width 80cm
  • Max working radius 4 meters
  • Max boom length 12 meters
  • Weight 300kg
  • Number on fleet: 2

Vehicles and plant can be hired with operator only, or with experienced crews.

hiab hire

Long reach HIAB / lorry loader hire

Transport heavy sculpture

This vehicle is ideal for transporting sculpture or high value loads that require a covered load area, it can be used with or without the trailer canopy, the roof slides open on the truck unit

Crane: Max radius 29.85m or remove the jib and increase the lifting capacity      Tail lift SWL: 4ton     Trailer ride height: 88cm

Fassi crane hirerent a cranecall for crane hire







Heavy duty lorry loaders

crane artworks

Number on fleet: 2   We can supply this with its 4m load bed or with a selection of trailers running STGO cat 1

  Lorry loader hire UK


30ft Urban trailer, this extends to 45ft, can take 1x20ft, 2 x 20ft, 1x30ft, 1x40ft, 1x45ft  containers.   Payload: 16ton

Hire a HI AB uk

We also have a 45ft curtain sided trailer with sliding roof and tail lift.

We are just waiting on our super low loader due here at the start of June, this with have a load bed height of 30cm ideal for tall objects going overseas.

Mobile cranes

Bocker mobile crane  AK/4000 light weight crane

AS Transport     RPH Hire

Lee Lifting

Spider / mini cranes

Unic 295: We have a Unic 295 mini crane that can be used inside or within restricted areas. The URW-295 UNIC mini crane is the first mini crawler crane for sale in Europe. It is narrow enough to allow access through a standard door frame, but with almost 3 tons of lifting power. The spider crane also leads the way technically with an array of safety features, including a computer-controlled, intelligent voice warning system.

  • Capacity 2.9ton x 1.4 meters
  • Total width 600mm
  • Max working radius 8.41meters
  • Max boom length 8.65 meters
  • Powered by Petrol/LPG and electric
  • Radio remote control as standard
  • Weight 1.95 tons
  • Number on fleet: 3

crane speicalist installation uk

Other UNIC cranes we have operators for:
URW-094 URW-376 URW-506 URW-706

Hoeflon C6 mini crane

The newest crane on or fleet,  the Hoeflon C6 has the longest reach from a mini crane at 16 meters it is the ideal glass installation machine.


Our mini cranes can be carried along with your goods, on our own vehicles, nationwide or operated by our experienced installation crews, making Specialist Installations the one stop solution for your installation and lifting needs.

We comply with BS7121 Part 4 regarding lorry loader rules and regulations. As most of our deliveries are classed as complex, our crews consist of a crane operator, crane supervisor and a slinger Mini cranes / spider cranes

Track machines and stair climbers

Hoeflon D12 Track machine, this versatile machine is a go anywhere load carrier ideal for large gardens or on site, hire with a operator.

GGR Glass install

CTE Pianoplan; we have all three models these are excellent stair climbers able to carry 600kg up or down stairs, hired with a qualified CSCS operator

Stair climber with operator


Crane hire and Hiab Hire in London

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