Van Mounted Furniture Hoist

Furniture Hoist Hire London   Furniture hoist hire London

Van mounted furniture hoist

Max reach: 34 meters which is roughly a 9th floor, depending on the distance from the hoist to the access point

Number of van hoists on fleet: 3

Operators: 1  (we would require assistance with setting up if delivery is above a 4th floor)

SWL:  400kg to 4th floor 200kg thereafter

Can the operator remove sash windows: YES (May need assistance with larger windows)

Does the operator load the hoist: NO

Lifting permit required: Only in The London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, cost £153, NOT IN ANY OTHER BOROUGH at the moment

Site visit required:  YES

More info on furniture hoists here


Portable furniture hoist

Portable furniture hoist   Furniture hoist hire London

Portable, hand carry furniture hoist

Max reach: 18 meters which is roughly a 5th floor, depending on the distance from the hoist base to the access point

Number of portable furniture hoists on fleet: 2

SWL: 250kg

Operators: 1- 5   WARNING this machine will require as many people to set up as the number of floors you are using i.e. 1st floor = 1 man,  5th floor = 5 men

Can the operator remove sash windows: YES (May need assistance with larger windows)

Does the operator load the hoist: NO

Site visit required: YES

Lifting permit required:  NO but if it is on a busy footpath this may need a permit



Tracked stair climber

stair climbers

Tracked stair climber

This machine will carry heavy loads up stairs (If the stairs are strong enough), we always try to use a ramp on the stairs then drive up or down the ramp, see some examples below

Used for: Sculpture, safes, cabinets

Number of stair climbers on fleet: 6

ULW: 320kg

SWL: 600kg

Operators: 1

Does the operator load the machine: YES

Price to hire

MuseumLogisticsFineArts-5 IMG_8559    IMG_6727    Complex Installations



Mobile gantries


Mobile gantry  gantry hire  lift a sculpture with a gantry

Mobile gantries

We have various sizes, from small to extra large  (extra large you cannot hire and is a special order)

SWL: 1700kg (6.2 meter) to 5500kg (3 meter)

Max height: 6.2 meter to hook

How many mobile gantries do we have:  8



Fork lift

Forklift to site

Fork Lift

We can transport our fork lift to site or mews if required

SWL: 2500kg

Max lift: 4.8 meter

Fuel: diesel


Genie lifts, floor cranes

IMG_4433  IMG_5053  IMG_5049

Genie GSL 25 SLK counter balance

Weight: 300kg plus 200kg of counter weights

SWL: 300kg

Max lift: 7.6 meters

Dimensions: 74cm x 150cm x 185cm

Genie GL8

Weight: 40kg

SWL: 180kg

Max lift: 2.8 meters

Small version of Genie lift looks a bit like a sack barrow


the same as a Genie SLK but more of a heavy weight

Weight: 380kg

SWL: 500kg

Max lifting height: 4 meters

Dimensions: 82cm x 150cm x 185cm


Floor crane

Weight: 500kg

SWL: 500kg

Max lift 2.5 meters;  this only has a hook attachment

Dimensions:  82cm 150cm x 185cm

With all of the above you can attach glass vacuum lifts and electric hoists


Mini, spider cranes

IMG_0557  Mini crane lifting sculpture  specialist-installation-mini-crane-hire-lifting-access-solutions-london

Mini cranes

Weight: 2000kg

SWL: 1300kg – 250kg

Max lift: 8 meters

Dimensions: 60cm x 150cm x 160cm

We have a new machine arriving next year with the same dimensions that will lift up to 15 meters



HIAB / Lorry loader cranes

HIAB truck for hire London   IMG_9669

HIAB cranes 40t/pm

Medium size crane, long reach but at a lower weight

Number of medium sized HIABs on fleet: 2

Weight: 20 ton

Payload: 5 ton

SWL:  600kg with fly jib @ max height 32 meters

SWL:  1635kg without fly jib @ 18 meters

Truck height: 4 meters

Width with one side of stabilisers deployed: 5 meters

Vehicle: 3 axel ridged, box body with sliding roof and large 4 ton tail lift

Trailer: YES, Payload: 14 ton,  dimensions: 2.5 meter x 8 meter,  flat or sliding canopy internal height 3 meters

Staffed by: 3 members of staff = operator, crane supervisor and a slinger

Heavy weight lorry loader 100t/pm

Number of heavy weight HIABs on fleet: 2

Weight: 22 ton

Payload: 7 ton

SWL: 10000kg @ 3 meters & 3000kg @ max lifting height 22 meters

Truck height: 3.6 meters

Width with one side of stabilizers deployed: 6 meters

Vehicle: 4 axle ridged, 6m flat body

Trailer: YES,  payload: 10 ton,  dimensions: 2.5 meters x 6 meters, flat body

Staffed by: 1 member of staff

Arctic / tractor unit with Paifinger 88002 EH

Weight: 21ton

Payload: 5ton

Winch attachment: Yes

SWL:  6700kg @ 10m & 2500kg @ 23m

Vehicle: 3 axle with a 3m platform attached to the 5th wheel or we have a selection of trailers

Trailers: Swan neck low loader with a payload of 40ton,  10m Flat bed trailer with a payload of 22ton


Mobile cranes

Crane hire London   Bocker crane hire

Light weight mobile cranes

Weight: 16 tons

Lifting capacity:  3000kg

Max lifting height: 43 meters

This is a light weight bocker mobile crane

Lifting permit required: YES for anything over ground floor level

PLEASE NOTE:  Above ground floor all lifting operations are subject to lifting regulations with RAMS and lift plan by a qualified appointed person and may require chapter 8 traffic management, this requires an outside company (traffic lights etc)

More info on our cranes here

Lifting rules here

All HIAB / lorry mounted cranes and staff are un-branded

For further information on the above equipment hire please contact
Matthew Fisk on 0208 963 3998 or e mail: