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Q) How large is a furniture hoist load bed

A) We operate PAUS and Bocker furniture hoists, see the load bed dimensions below


PAUS furniture hoists for hire

Van mounted PAUS furniture hoist load bed, SWL 400kg

Bocker furniture hoists for hire

Van mounted Bocker furniture hoist load bed, SWL 400kg

Paus Furniture Hoist for hire

Paus furniture hoist dimensions


Q) I need a furniture hoist urgently?

A) We have five – six van mounted furniture hoists in London every week day and at least two/three at the weekend, so our reaction times can be quick, in fact you will not get quicker. We will require access photos and therefore one of our assessors, who are in London every day, will carry out a quick site check.

Q) Will I require a site survey?

A) One of our qualified CPCS appointed person assessors will always carry out a site survey even if it’s just an external access check. There is no point in taking chances. We are working at height and anyone working in these conditions has to be safe and the building has to be structurally secure.

Please note: To operate a furniture hoist over the first floor it must lean against a building, we cannot lean our furniture hoist against iron balustrades, glass balconies, insecure or make shift walls. If you are unsure please send a few photos to info@l-a-s.co.uk.

Q) What can you lift

A) Our furniture hoists can be used to lift any item or combination of items, to a maximum weight of 400Kg in any one lift. Furniture, all white goods inc fridges, freezers & washing machines, packing cases or boxes are all items that can be safely moved for you. A new bath or kitchen to install? Building materials? No problem! We can hoist more or less anything, but we will not hoist pianos or furniture that measure over 3 meters in length.

Q) How much space do you need?

A) Furniture hoists are available in a number of different sizes. Our van mounted hoists require a space 5.8 meters long and 3.4 meters wide. The hoist has to be placed beneath the access point and directly in line.

Q) How high can you go?

A) Our largest unit will lift items to a maximum height of 34 meters (Approximately 10 floors)

Q) My access is down an alley, in a courtyard or a restricted area?

A) We have a solution, our hand carry hoist can reach as high as the 5th floor, this hoist is excellent at getting into confined spaces. If you have any doubts then one of our assesors we carry out a site survey.

Q) Location and position, is it safe?

A) Should you have any doubt as to the suitability and required position of the elevator, we will always carry out a site survey to discuss the requirement in detail. A clear photograph may assist us in assessing the property quickly.

Q) How long does it take to set up

A) If your set up position is straightforward, is clear of obstructions and there are no unexpected difficulties, we would usually be ready for the first lift within 15 minutes of arrival on site.

Q) Who loads / unloads the furniture hoist?

A) This is a simple answer, we supply the hoist and operator and you, the hirer, supply the labour to undertake the loading or unloading of goods or equipment on to or from the machine.

Q) What is Lifting & Access Solutions responsibility?

A) It is the responsibility of our operator to ensure that the elevator/hoist is installed correctly and can operate safely within the manufacturer’s rated capacities and limitations. We reserve the right to refrain from deploying the machine if our operator deems it unsafe to do so. This includes adverse weather conditions, for example we cannot deploy the hoist in winds of over 22mph, The operator has the right to declare a particular load or item as unsafe to load on to the hoist.

Q) What is the Customer’s responsibility?

A) We cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to items placed on to the hoist unless the damage is caused by the failure of the hoist itself or negligence on the part of our operator. We cannot be held responsible for any consequential damage caused by the loading or off loading of the platform at working level, or in motion. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the suitability of any balcony or building to support the elevator and that there is a clear and stable area directly below and in line with the loading point (Access Point) for the elevator to stand and be deployed, prior to arrival. It is the responsibility of the hirer to measure and make sure that the items can be safely moved through the access point.

Q) Do you have parking restrictions?

A) Where the elevator is required to be positioned in areas where there are parking restrictions, or on the public highway, it is the hirer’s (The Customer’s) responsibility to arrange for the relevant permission required from the authorities concerned. The permission may be granted in the form of a dispensation, suspension order or lifting permit, or possibly a partial road closure – depending on the location concerned. It should be taken into account that in some situations the above orders can apply to both sides of a public highway to allow the traffic to flow freely and enable the operation to be carried out safely. Most local authorities will require between 7 and 14 WORKING days notice of requirement.

PLEASE NOTE: Kensington and Chelsea require a lifting permit currently £153. This may require traffic management.

When you book a Parking Suspension for our hoist you book for a van mounted hoist (3500kg), It is not a crane or a cherry picker. We recommend two parking bays – directly below the window or balcony to be suspended. Any penalties incurred as a result of parking arrangements/obligations being neglected will be passed onto the hirer at cost plus an administration fee.

Q) So how much does it cost to hire a furniture hoist?

A) We have a ‘1,2,3’ pricing structure to enable us to tailor our service to meet our customers requirements.

Price level 1. This is the best option for a single lift to be carried out in a specified time and allows up to 1 hour on site, once set up is complete.

Price level 2. For a number of lifts, this option gives you up to 3 hours work on site, once set up is complete.

Price level 3. This provides the equipment for a full day of 8 hours on site

The actual prices vary depending upon the specific machine required for your job and the location. All prices include our trained operator and are subject to VAT.

Q) How do I pay?

We require advance payments to be made by credit or debit card.

Q) What happens if I cancel my order?

A) If you need to cancel your order once the contract has been agreed, the following will apply:

a) Cancellation up to 12.00 (midday) on the working day preceding the hire there will be 30% charge of the total hire charge

b) Cancellation after 12.00 (midday) on the working day preceding the hire there will be a 60% charge of the total hire charge

c) Cancellation on the actual scheduled day of hire , then100% of the hire charge is payable.

d) The full hire charge applies if upon arrival, the elevator cannot be used for the purpose for which it was hired.

Whilst we make every effort to meet the Customer’s requested start times, we cannot be held responsible for delays caused by traffic issues, prior job overruns or any other unforseen circumstances which are beyond our control. If we are delayed for any reason, our operator will call you to keep you advised.

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Maximum size 10MB

Maximum size 10MB