Contract HIAB / lorry loader crane hire

We specialize in long reach lorry loader cranes, mini cranes and light weight mobile cranes,  capable of reaching up to heights of 44 meters and weights of up to 8 ton. You can’t take any chances when it comes to heavy lifting, which is why we invest in the latest equipment for our crane services. Our fleet of trucks are all minimum euro 5, and our newest is euro 6.

What is a contract lift = When we are contracted to perform a contract lift we will supply an appointed person to complete RAMS, lift plan, parking and on the day of the lift as a minimum we will supply a crane, crane operator, crane supervisor and singer / signaler

Dealing with long reach lorry loaders and cranes at height means we must conform to full lifting regulations.

Most lifts are classed as complex and for this reason we will supply a CPA Contract lift, this includes a qualified appointed person to complete the lifting plans, RAMS, arrange parking suspensions and, if required, road closures. On the actual day of the lift, we supply the crane operator, crane supervisor and slinger / signaler as a minimum.

With our very experienced operators and top of the range equipment,

Contract HIAB /Crane hire acceptance booking form

We also arrange on a regular basis:

  • Prepare all traffic management drawings and apply for local authority permits
  • Arrange partial and full road closures
  • Comply with all lifting regulations: Lifting plans, risk assessments and method statements supplied for all work.
  • Supply an appointed person that accompanies our crane operator on all complex lifts.
  • Our operators are all qualified, highly experienced, and all equipment and accessories are serviced and tested in accordance with LOLER regulations.
  • We are very experienced in working within the extremely tight streets of London.

Mobile crane hire

If you are looking to lift heavy weights of over 8 ton, we can arrange contract CPA contract lifts using mobile cranes for any weight.

What is a HIAB and what are the advantages of using a HIAB?

HIAB has become a generic term for any lorry mounted crane, like Hoover is the generic term for a vacuum cleaner.

We use HIAB/lorry mounted cranes because, for us, they are convenient as only one truck is required on-site, or in a tight London street

Crane hire and Hiab Hire in London

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