Goods in transit terms and conditions / increased insurance

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Please read our terms and conditions

We hold the right to revoke clause 8.2 of CPA contract lift terms and conditions, LAS liability will be limited to £40 per item, we can offer additional insurance on a declared value, this must be supplied to comply with our terms and conditions and accepted.

A declared value must be supplied.

I require insurance cover to the declared value, an insurance summery will follow

1. We reserve the right to charge the full contract price in the event of your cancellation or failure to fulfil this contract. 2. We reserve the right to supply alternative/rehired equipment suitable to the requirements of the contract. 3. Access and egress between the public highway and the unloading area is the responsibility of the hirer, who must escort the delivery vehicle between these points. Ground Conditions are the responsibility of the hirer in all cases.